• Team

  • C. Gabriel Brody | Director

    Cham Brody

    C. Gabriel Brody heads the Brody Group. As Managing Director and civil engineer, he has over fifty years of experience in project development. As a developer, manager and consultant for both private and public projects.

  • Relly Brody | Managing Director

    Relly Brody

    In the past 25 years, Relly Brody has developed and supported thousands of apartments. As an auditor with an MBA in Finance, he has built an extensive portfolio with commercial real estate in Belgium and abroad.

  • André Trossaert | Development Manager / Managing Director

    André Trossaert

    As the Development Manager, André seeks new opportunities for new projects. He also coordinates the technical department and in addition to this takes care of the entire preparatory phase. Previously, he was Commercial Director and Managing Director at several companies, including Bouwwerken (Construction) Verbeeck, City Projects and Tradiplan.

  • Peter De Bruyne | Financial Manager

    Peter De Bruyne

    Peter holds a Masters in Applied Economics and graduated in Real Estate at the Antwerp Management School. His knowledge of the financial sector is thanks to ten years of experience in the banking sector. He was also active in a number of construction and real estate companies.

  • Jelle Strijbos | Commercial Manager

    Jelle Strijbos

    Jelle has experience in abundance. He started his career at ING (banking sector) and then moved to various departments within the real estate sector. After a brief digression in the financial sector, he brings his extensive experience to the Brody Group.

  • Pieter Delvou | Project Manager

    Pieter Delvou

    As a project manager, Pieter coordinates construction projects in Flanders. He also takes on the technical management of the Brody patrimony. Before joining the Brody Group, Pieter worked as a project manager at the construction companies Tradiplan and Vanhout.

  • Ward De Schepper | Project Manager

    Ward De Schepper

    Ward started as an assistant project manager and was responsible for initial and subsequent costing at a construction company. Today, he is a project manager at Brody's. As a Bachelor of Architecture, project development and its technical aspects are second nature to him.

  • Kristel Corthout | Commercial Investment Manager

    Kristel Corthout

    Within the Brody Group, Kristel is responsible for contacts with trustees, notaries and brokers. She also coordinates all additional administration. On top of this, she manages commercial real estate and closely follows all statutory and legal developments.

  • Birgit Mariën | Marketing Manager

    Birgit Mariën

    Through her degree in interior architecture, Birgit acquired experience as a CAD designer, visual merchandiser and interior project supervisor. Today, she coordinates the online and offline publicity for all the Brody-sites, she decides on the promotion materials and monitors the Brody Group's corporate branding.

  • Karla Mann | New Developments Sales Manager / Residential Investment Manager

    Karla Mann

    Karla has been part of the Brody Group since 2002. Previously, she was active in the jewellery industry for many years. Today, she is responsible for project sales and residential property management. Her training in Art Education and Commercial Sciences comes in handy every day.

  • Ben Theunis | Controller

    Ben Theunis

    Ben graduated in Accountancy & Fiscal Matters. As a controller, he contributes to accounting and reporting within the Brody Group. He gained his all-round experience in accounting and controlling in various sectors, such as tourism, wholesale and transport.

  • Inge Koeck | Assistant Project Manager

    Inge Koeck

    Inge trained as an interior designer and gained several years of experience as a facility manager. Within the Brody Group, she is responsible for the technical management of all the investment projects. In addition, she assists the project managers in development projects.

  • Wendy Meyers | Receptionist

    Wendy Meyers

    Wendy welcomes you at the Brody Group reception. She also supports the sales department and is responsible for administrative tasks, in which she is very skilled and experienced.

  • Niels Boelaart | Maintenance Worker

    Niels Boelaart

    As a maintenance worker, Niels is our handyman and jack of all trades. He keeps the Brody real estate up-to-date and is the contact person for residential tenants. In addition to advertising on the sites, he takes care of the connection and communication between the different departments.